Body Wraps, Body Treatments

Body Wraps and Body Treatments

Ear Candling $40.00
Alleviates pressure in the head and gently removes excess wax. 

Works with reflex points on your feet to soothe the body.
25 min. $40.00

Aroma Therapy
Non-invasive, relaxing experience using a blend of essential oils.
60 min. $65.00
80 min. $85.00

Scalp Massage
15 min. $30

Stone Massage
Unique and totally relaxing experience.
80 min. $90.00
Anti-Aging Facial $95.00
See the wrinkles disappear with the newest technology in skin care. We'll clean, detoxify, and tone your skin for a firmer, younger looking you!
Price package available

Universal Contour Wrap $130.00
Our fantastic sea clay treatment will extract the toxins and poisons from the body's soft tissue to contour, shape, clean, and tighten the skin. We guarantee you'll lose at least 6 inches with your first body wrap!

Sea Herb Revitalizing Wrap $130.00
Revitalize your skin with a luxurious wrap that combines soothing herbal oils and sea products for fully balanced treatment.
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